Welcome to Advent !         Sunday services at 8:00 & 9:30am
Advent is Christ's church. We proclaim Christ as Lord and Savior and believe that salvation is a gift from God. His amazing grace and steadfast love surround us.      In the waters of baptism we are claimed by God and marked with the cross of Christ forever. You too are called to live in this relationship and to know Jesus.
Church provides a place of refuge from the challenges of everyday life. We experience the presence of the Holy Spirit working among us, and church is a place to share with fellow believers. Jesus has promised an abundant life for those who choose to follow Him in    this journey.  So come and join us! 
The Season of Advent
is a time of hope and expectation of Christ's coming. The word is from Latin meaning "to come towards". In the midst of our waiting this season, the church invites you to experience the season, to savor the four weeks before Christmas, to wait for the Christ child to be born, and to anticipate Jesus coming again in glory at the end of time. Lutherans celebrate Advent with traditions like the Advent wreath, a hearty symbol of the everlasting God on which the candles symbolize Christ as the Light of the world. The four candles represent Hope, Peace, Joy and Love that God has for all. At the center of the wreath is the Christ candle, white in color, and lit on Christmas Eve.  Come and celebrate the season with us this Sunday!